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Exotic Fruits Box


Dhs. 258.00 Dhs. 299.00
The "Gifts from Paradise" basket will please the recipient's eye and satisfy his refined taste without harm to health! The gift set contains several kilograms of exotic fruits: delicious watermelon and pineapple, sweet grapes, juicy oranges, apples and ripe mangoes. Such "Gifts from Paradise" are available with a light snack at a picnic, make it easier to prepare a festive buffet at home, or simply cheer up relatives with such an unusual gift!

Watermelon -1 pcs 7-8kg

Mango 2pcs

Pineapple 1pcs

Apple green 500gr

Grapes black 1000gr

Grapes green 1000gr

Orange 500gr

Rambuttan 500gr

Passion Fruit 500gr

By 100 grams
1Protein 0,2Fat 14Carbors 76kcal
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