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Fitness box

Dhs. 229.00
Our fitness box is able to charge any athlete with the necessary vitamins, trace elements and minerals, includes a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for people leading an active lifestyle.The box is designed for 7 days.

Celery - 500g

Beetroot - 500g

Apple Green - 2Kg

Lemon - 500g

Ginger - 100g

Yellow Capsicum - 150-200g

Red Capsicum - 150-200g

Green Capsicum - 150-200g

Kiwi - 500g

Cucumber Orzu Local Farm - 500g

Kale - 180g

Broccoli - 350-500g

Pineapple - 1 piece

Carrots - 1kg

Banana 1kg

Orange 1kg

Blueberry 125g

Raspberry 125g

Mango - 2pcs

Pomegranate - 2pcs

Eggs - 30pcs

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