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Grayling weak salted 180g

Dhs. 255.00
The grayling is a freshwater fish of the salmon family. It is considered the most beautiful fish in Russia. Its particular beauty is given by its back fin, which reaches almost to the tail. The distinctive feature of this fish is the complete absence of carbohydrates; the meat consists of protein, fat and water. There are also vitamins (PP, A, E) and minerals (sulfur, iron, fluorine, molybdenum, nickel, chromium), lightly salted grayling is a delicacy for those who like not fatty, but extremely juicy and fresh fish.
Ingredients: grayling fillet, salt, Kampot black, red, white pepper, dried dill, lemon juice, cold-pressed vegetable oil. Allergen: Fish
By 100 grams
17.5protein 2Fat 0Carbors 88kcal
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