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Melon Khandalak From Uzbekistan 2 - 3.5 kg


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Khandalak melons are a medium to large varietal, averaging 10 to 15 centimeters in diameter and .8 to 2 kilograms in weight, and have a round to slightly flattened shape. The melon's rind is thin, being easily damaged, and covered in a raised, fine, tan netting, creating a textured feel. The rind also ripens from a grey-green hue to shades of yellow-green and golden yellow. Depending on the variety of Khandalak, the rind may be striped or solid. Underneath the surface, the flesh ranges in color from green, yellow, to white, varying with the specific cultivar, and generally has a dense, soft, aqueous, and succulent consistency. The flesh also encases a central cavity filled with flat, tear-drop-shaped seeds encompassed in a gelatinous coating and suspended in stringy fibers. Khandalak melons release a musky, honeyed aroma when ripe. In Central Asia, it is said the melon variety can only be deemed ripe by its coloring. Khandalak melons with a golden rind are ready to be eaten, while melons with a green hue should be left to ripen for a few more days on the vine. Khandalak melons have a sweet, refreshing, and sugary taste.
By 100 gr
0,6Protein 0,3Fat 7,4Carbors 35kcal
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