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pH Top by Khabib Supercharged Alkaline Water 500ml


Dhs. 5.00
A Revolutionary New Drinking Water. 15 years of research and development, 3 different laboratories, 17.000 sq foot of production - and we did it: Increased alkalinity water in an environmentally friendly dark glass. Our water carries a blend of positive effects: it has an antioxidant effect combined with the increased pH levels, which provides a source of power and energy to the whole body, cleanses and regenerates every cell and boosts the natural process that may have slowed down in the modern pace of life.
Calcium - mg/l -10 Magnesium - mg/l 5 Potassium - mg/l 11 Chloride - mg/l 40 Sodium -mg/l 16 Carbonate mg/l 2 Bicarbonates - mg/l 20 Florid mg/l 0.02 Nitrates mg/l 0.2 Sulphate mg 8
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