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Antabax Whitening Detergent Powder 3kg


Dhs. 29.80
Hypoallergenic household chemistry for the whole family -Phosphate free on plant components -For manual and machine washing -For washing all kinds of fabric -Protects the washing machine from the formation of scale -Gently affects the skin -With natural detachments -Certified -Effectively and carefully removes stains and pollution of various origin -Does not leave on things traces of undissolved means, but only a pleasant smell of freshness and purity. -Thanks to an effective formula, the gel quickly dissolves in water, Deeply seeps into the fabric and removes the germinated stains.
Sodium Carbonate Sodium Silicate Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous CMC Sodium Percarbonate Protease Fragrance Water/Aqua
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