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Buckwheat Chocolate with Ginger & Lemon 20g

Nature`s Own Factory

Dhs. 11.17
Tartary buckwheat seeds, vitamins and minerals give this chocolate its unique taste. Chocolate with ginger and lemon is ideal for those who love tasty and spicy delicacies. The value of Tartary buckwheat seeds, as well as the vitamins and magnesium contained in them, make the chocolate from Nature’s Own Factory truly unique. Bean-to-bar technology allows us to control every stage of production from roasting the cocoa beans to the finished product.
Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, coconut sugar, Tartary buckwheat seeds, dried ginger, dried lemon, natural emulsifier sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla.
By 100 grams
2Protein 8Fat 9Carbors 120kcal
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