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Fresh Orange Valencia 500g


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Oranges are fruits with a fairly high content of vitamins, especially C, B1 and P, so their use prevents the development of vitamin deficiency. Oranges contain up to 12% sugars, organic acids (0.6-2% citric acid), a large amount of pectin substances (up to 12% in the pulp, up to 16% in the outer layer of the peel and up to 30% in the inner layer of the peel of the fruit). Of the minerals, calcium, potassium, phosphorus salts predominate, there is a little iodine. Orange is a supplier of inositol (vitamin B8), which regulates fat metabolism in the body, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, reduces vascular spasms, normalizes intestinal peristalsis, promotes the excretion of toxins. Orange is low in calories (41 kcal per 100g).
By 100 grams
0,9Protein 0,2Fat 8Carbors 43kcal
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