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Red King Crab Legs (Frozen) 2 kg


Dhs. 896.00
Frozen red king crab legs are a true delicacy for seafood connoisseurs. Their meat, known for its tenderness and slightly sweet flavor, is a gourmet delight that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Immediately after being caught, the legs are flash-frozen to preserve their natural juiciness and aroma. These crab legs offer a unique culinary experience, perfectly suited for sophisticated dishes or as the main ingredient for a festive dinner. Freezing at the peak of freshness ensures that each dish will be rich in the pure, robust flavor of the sea. They will not only serve as an exquisite decoration for your table but also provide a memorable taste experience that will leave lasting impressions.
By 100 g
16protein 1Fat 2.8Carbors 68kcal
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