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SNAQ FABRIQ Chocolate milk cashew bars (waffles) without sugar Snaq well 20g


Dhs. 5.50
Meet the new product from SNAQ FABRIQ - sugar-free waffle bars SNAQ WELL! These are incredible low-calorie foods that will easily replace sweets containing sugar, such as candies, chocolates, cookies. Waffle bars are not just weight loss food or dietary products, they are a dessert that will perfectly fit into any sports nutrition and PP, because these are gluten-free products. These are delicious treats that will perfectly complement any gift set and sporpit. SNAQ WELL chocolate waffle bars are available with two fillings: chocolate-nut and milk-nut. Try these amazing waffle bars, enjoy their crunch and delicious tender filling! An actual gift at any time of the year. PP products are an original and unusual gift for your family and friends. With it, you can please colleagues at work, treat your loved ones to a healthy snack. Our products are an excellent alternative to harmful snacks, suitable for maintaining healthy lifestyle for both women and men
by 100 grams
8protein 26Fat 17Carbors 391kcal
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