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Wild Chum Salmon Caviar Frozen NO PRESERVATIVES "East Coast" 240g


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Instructions for use In order to preserve the correct flavor and consistency of our caviar, it is obligatory to defrost it before consumption on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in a closed package at a temperature from +4°C to +15°C. It usually takes 4-7 hours to fully defrost. This is the most correct way of defrosting and will keep the product as we intended it to be. FORBIDDEN: • Defrosting in warm water, microwave or on the stove. Defrosting in warm water, in a microwave oven or on the stove will cause the product to spoil and be unfit for consumption. • Re-freezing. This will cause the crinkles to break, liquid to appear in the jar, and the product will lose most of its unique health benefits and delicate flavor. • Store in the refrigerator for more than 36 hours after opening the jar. Since our caviar is WITHOUT CONSERVANTS, it cannot be stored for a long time in a defrosted state, unlike caviar with various preservatives. Bon appetit!
By 100 grams
32protein 15Fat 0Carbors 263kcal
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