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Royal Baerii 125g

Dhs. 800.00
Baerii caviar is known for its rich fine grain, granting it a smooth and elegant appearance that is immediately identifiable for its fantastic quality and exquisite feel. With colors ranging from a classic smoky grey to a pure black, its clarity of taste and creamy finish are just a few of the best things about this almost sensually smooth product.This intensely flavorful food is instantly recognizable because of its almost treasure-like pearl texture. For connoisseurs of the popular resource, this distinctly unique form makes this product unmistakable, providing an experience unlike anything else. A delicious accompaniment for canapes, eggs or even smoked salmon, this more readily available option has countless luxurious uses.Aesthetically appealing, endlessly delicious and providing a subdued sense of luxury, Baerii caviar is an experience accessible to a small number of people. For those who enjoy a mild taste and delicious texture that bursts upon the tongue, then this caviar is the perfect fit. Fresh, packed with creamy flavor and a unique experience from the first bite, there’s little not to love about this precious resource
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