Dhs. 20.00
Birch Juice 1Ltr
Dhs. 64.00
Blini with Beef 500g
Dhs. 22.00
Buckwheat 1 kg
Dhs. 32.00
Canned Stewed Beef
Dhs. 600.00
Cold smoked Taimen 500g
Dhs. 245.00
Cubica (Halal) 250ml
Dhs. 165.00
Herring Iwashi 500g
Dhs. 32.00
Kids Sausage 500g
Dhs. 300.00
King Salmon slices 300 g
Dhs. 300.00
Korushka 5pcs 600g
Dhs. 72.00
Manti with Beef 500g
Dhs. 6.00
Microgreens Onion 15g
Dhs. 6.00
Microgreens Peas 30g
Dhs. 173.00
Mira Healthy School Box
Dhs. 125.00
Mira Vegetable Box
Dhs. 225.00
Muksun of weak salt 180g
Dhs. 300.00
Nelma of weak salt 180g
Dhs. 40.00
Ohotnichi Sausage 400g
Dhs. 230.00
Olivier Salad Box (DIY)
Dhs. 225.00
Omul of weak salt 180g
Dhs. 122.50
Organic fig jam 140ml
Dhs. 122.50
Organic onion jam 140ml
Dhs. 122.50
Organic pear jam 140ml
Dhs. 350.00
Pink Salmon Caviar 350g
Dhs. 450.00
Pink Salmon Caviar 500g
Dhs. 470.00
Red caviar ( Keta ) 350g
Dhs. 600.00
Red caviar ( Keta ) 500g
Dhs. 550.00
Royal Baerii 125g
Dhs. 3,750.00
Royal Baerii 1kg
Dhs. 1,050.00
Royal Baerii 250g
Dhs. 1,875.00
Royal Baerii 500g
Dhs. 450.00
Royal Salmon Yukola 500g
Dhs. 180.00
Salmon soft dried 200g.
Dhs. 51.00
Shahskaya Sausage 500g
Dhs. 14.00
Siberian Pine Nuts 55g
Dhs. 450.00
Taimen tartar 180g
Dhs. 470.00
Trout caviar 350g
Dhs. 600.00
Trout caviar 500g
Dhs. 165.00
Uzbekistan Salad box
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