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Siberian Pine Nuts 100g


Dhs. 22.00
We collect nuts thousands of kilometers away from industrial enterprises in the dense cedar forests of Siberia. To preserve all the useful properties, we use the correct packaging that protects the product. Nuts are indispensable for gourmets, vegetarians and raw foodists, because the substances contained in them are sufficient to meet the daily needs of the adult human body in amino acids and such scarce trace elements as copper, cobalt, manganese and zinc. Pine nut proteins are easily digested and are characterized by an increased content of amino acids, among which arginine predominates. Arginine is important for the development of a growing organism, so pine nuts are mandatory in the diet of children and pregnant women. Text when image loading is disabled in the browser This certificate confirms that the Siberian pine cone was collected in an ecologically clean area, away from settlements and industrial enterprises, in forests where chemical treatment against pests has not been carried out over the past 3 years.
By 100 grams
16Protein 56Fat 24Carbors 660kcal
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